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Mars Wrigley SM5 Tray Stackers

Sector: Food/FMCG

Services Provided: Special Purpose Machines,Turnkey Project Solutions, Design CAD/CAM, Repair & Maintenance, Component Production, Installation.

Technical Capabilities: CNC Machining (Milling and Turning), Manual Machining, Assembly, Finishing.

Scope: To redesign and fit new tray stacker claws to the SM5 gum producing line at Mars Wrigley Plymouth. This first involved modelling of machine cell to establish what was there and what size everything was as the customer had no data on this at all. Then reverse engineering from existing components alongside designing of original parts based on the requirements from the customer. Trial and proof of concepts followed to ensure everything would fit and work as intended before installation took place. Finally, the modification of the machine cell itself and installation of the finished parts could be undertaken, this was completed in 4 days during a scheduled maintenance period and the line was restarted on the fifth day with no issues at all, straight back to full and improved production.

Duration: 12 months (due to operating around the customer’s production schedule and subsequent installation timing)